november keys

  November Keys






Why the American gangsters initially chose the village of November Keys to launch their offensives, would be debated in crime chronicles for many years to come. Had they not wanted to waste their ink and time, however, they could not have done any better than to ask a certain Alphonso Decesso.


Decesso, although persuading his peers otherwise, had no real need of a fortress in a remote village in the countryside of England. However, nursing a well-guarded secret he knew the prize that awaited him there.


Amazed that no one had stumbled on his lucrative treasure, he finalised his plans, using the full might of his misguided bosses. His secret, he was certain, was going to make him the wealthiest and most powerful man in the world.












Thank you for letting me read your book, I have enjoyed the complex plot and all the many twists and turns.


Sophie Jackson/Authoress