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November Keys YouTube review

By Erik Nelson Published on Amazon.com & YouTube

A Village for sale

I love the following films; “Goodfellas”, “The Village” and “The Witches Of Eastwick”. Now is there a way to combine the stories of these films together and create one whole story? I’m sure many people would say no but if you were to include two writers to the project, possibly a father and son team, I’d say it could work. As a matter of fact, this father and son team; Michael and Brian Turner did just that by presenting “November Keys”. I don’t know if any of the films I listed were inspirations to them but there were many motifs in the book that related to those films. But of course, the book stands brilliant and entertaining on its own.A group of American gangsters come to a small English village to do some business. In other words, they want to take control over the village. The most significant change they make to the town is by buying the simple football club and turning it into an expensive and profitable stadium. The place isn’t just for sports however. They use it to house their drug cartels. Pretty soon, the gangsters buy more land and intimidate many of the villagers. But there is one villager who has the balls to stand up to the mafia. He is the creator of the villages’ most prized possession; his own homemade honey beverage. But the gangsters aren’t the only ones who are interested in the honey. A former villager who is now a billionaire also wants the drink. The drink isn’t just profitable for the taste, it also has magical benefits. If that’s not bad enough, the mafia also has their eyes on an oak tree. But what’s so bad about that?I really like how this father and son team was able to combine many different genres into one story. I’ve read many books where authors were able to do the same thing but I really like how these genres together would normally seem so out of place. In this story, however, it seems all natural. Now, I really didn’t care too much for the flashbacks because it did confuse me at times. But aside from that, the book is definitely worth reading. I also like just how simple the village was before the mafia arrived. Get this; the village and the football/soccer team share the same name which is of course the title of the book. It seems that the villagers were living a simple, happy life until the mob came. It really goes to show you that money always corrupts something.

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