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By Ashley Citygirlscapes Published on Amazon.com

When father and son authors Brian and Michael Turner contacted me about their new book November Keys, what caught my attention was the mashup description of comedy-thriller-fantasy. These are a few of my favourite things and so rarely do you get them all wrapped up in one novel. I definitely wanted to see how this all came together.I was taking a risk, though. Football (or soccer, as I would call it) is a heavy component in this story and I am not really a fan (sorry guys!). But! I decided not to hold that against anyone going into this, after all, I can appreciate the passion and die hard fandom of footballers.I kind of had a rough start to this book, I just had a hard time getting into it and there was an introduction of a lot of characters quickly – townsfolk, sportsfolk, gangsters. It was just a lot to wrap my head around and that didn’t really ease up throughout.I really liked the fantasy aspect though. The legend of the village and the oak tree was definitely unique and I enjoyed how this was mixed in with the rest of the gangster and football story. And as the story progressed and greed started to seep its grubby fingers in through the townsfolk, the story started to become a bit more about the selfish lengths people will go for their own good and how a town can crumble when the foundation is tempted by money.I haven’t read a lot of co-authored books, but I expected it to be kind of a choppy read, the voice varying slightly depending on who was writing. But this team found a common voice that flowed through the story and didn’t make it too evident who was doing the writing, which was a welcomed surprise.Unfortunately, I wasn’t completely taken with this story and am having a hard time rating it. Like I said, I enjoyed the fantasy aspect and the historical legend of the town, I liked learning about this legend through the townspeople and I liked seeing them all band together when it was necessary, but I just didn’t feel that connected to any of the characters or share the same passions with them and this created a strong barrier for me.As a whole it was a strong book with some clever wit and a unique approach, there was a good mix of genres and themes, but it just wasn’t a complete win for me.

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