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Catching up with The November Keys

By Nick Rossi Published on Goodreads

Catching up with The November Keys

“The November Keys” does not fit into a certain type of genre. Instead, it borrows on key elements of the supernatural, comedic, and downright fantastical.

Uniquely told by real life father and son authors, “The November Keys” is an equally unique read. Eschewing any treading on formulas of books past, it instead focuses on telling a fun and thrilling tale. Football plays a large role in the novel, but it’s not a book only sports lovers will enjoy. Rather, the authors take the passions and dedication of the sport and uses it to inject fervour into the narrative.There are many interesting characters, ranging from local gangsters to purveyors of special beer, making the story charismatic and enjoyable. It is evident that the authors had an enjoyable time writing a book where life is absolutely not what you think it is, right when you think you have it all figured out.There are mythical creatures and local witches, and stories of the quest for redemption and for the preservation of culture. Timeless and creative, “The November Keys” is a must-read.

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